Rebalancing UK Cities – is infrastructure enough?

City Conversations


Post-Brexit, the UK’s economic and international competitiveness will depend on all cities being able to reach their full potential. Furthermore, our major cities need to be able to have the right relationship with each other in both economic and infrastructure terms, to aid the flow of people, ideas and capital.

Cities such as Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds have, arguably, not enjoyed the same investment and growth as the capital. Can we correct our regional imbalances through infrastructure investment alone?  How can London respond better to disparities between the regions? And how can UK cities become even more specialised in the creation of high-value, technology-based products and services?  

Speakers include:

- Jim Coleman, global head of economics at Buro Happold Engineering (Chairing)

- Andrew Carter, chief executive of Centre for Cities. 

- Bridget Rosewell, commissioner at National Infrastructure Commission & Volterra Economics

- Victoria Hills, chief executive of Old Oak & Park Royal Development Corporation

- Joanna Killian, head of local government at KPMG

More speakers to be confirmed...

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City Conversations is a series of informative thought-leadership discussions around the big issues that are changing our cities – growth, technology, resource efficiency and climate change. The conversations will address not only the new and changing infrastructure of cities but also how these are brought about and their impact on the lifestyle and wellbeing of citizens.

This series is produced by The Happold Foundation with ngenuity Ltd and supported by The Built Environment Trust.