Prototyping with bacterial cellulose

SuperMaterial workshop with ecoLogicStudio

Imagine a future where architecture is grown and harvested. Where the resources necessary for the building processes are recycled from urban waste. Where production machines are colonies of domesticated bacteria. That future is now.

In this one-off workshop of bio-digital fabrication ecoLogicStudio will take you on a journey that starts with recycling organic waste, such as cabbage trimmings and unwanted microalgae found in the urban canals. You will learn how to bio-fabricate an architectural component or wall panel entirely made from bacterial cellulose, a fibrous material synthesized by colonies of the genera Acetobacter.

The process will involve harvesting the wet cellulose that has been synthesized in the Main Gallery SuperMaterial exhibition, casting it onto a digitally manufactured formwork and drying it until it reaches mechanical resistance.

The workshop will last approximately for 1.5 hours including 30 minute break for drying phase.

This event is free to attend but booking is essential. Please note that places are limited.

Time: 1.30pm - 3.00pm

Arrive early and get the special lunch offer fro our cafe run by The Gentlemen Baristas. On the menu: crab salad with a glass of wine or halloumi & flatbread with a bottle of beer. 

This talk is part of the SuperMaterial event series, curated by The Built Environment Trust. The event programme is kindly supported by Trimo.