Prototyping Architecture Exhibition


Prototyping Architecture brings together the work of architects, engineers, manufacturers, product designers, academics and artists to explore the importance of prototypes in the delivery of high quality contemporary design. Placing a particular emphasis on research and experimentation, this exhibition in Nottingham and London, shows how trial assemblies can inform architecture - with maquette’s, models and full-scale sample productions on show from around the world.

The show includes prototypes by Amanda Levete Architects, Barkow Leibinger, KieranTimberlake, Philip Beesley Architects Inc, Yves Ebnoether and many more.

Prototyping Architecture forms a bridge between architecture, engineering and art, with exhibits that are inventive, purposeful and beautiful.

To co-inside with the Prototyping Architecture Exhibition an International Conference - Prototyping Architecture will take place at The Building Centre 21 to 23 February 2013.

Curated by Professor Michael Stacey of The University of Nottingham, in conjunction with The Building Centre.

‘Prototyping marks a dividing point between architecture and building.’ Andrew Scoones, Director of the Building Centre Trust.

‘New architectural prototypes show a kind of promiscuous exchange between widely varying sources, sweeping away traditional divisions between machine and hand crafts, and between nature and technology.’ Philip Beesley, Waterloo Architecture/PBAI

Protocell Mesh by Philip Beesley from The Building Centre on Vimeo.

Loblolly House by KieranTimberlake from The Building Centre on Vimeo.

QbissAir from The Building Centre on Vimeo.