Prefabulous London - The A – Z of modern city homes


Prefabulous London will explain why modern house types can answer the need for new homes in the capital. Starting with ‘A for Affordability’ through ‘M for Modular’ to ‘Z for Zero defects’ the exhibition will highlight the issues which are setting the London housing agenda. The aim will be to debate and demystify modern housing construction for the public, planners and the industry itself.

The exhibition galleries will show detailed case studies of London housing projects from the pioneering Murray Grove through to new schemes for apartments and family homes in all parts of London. The exhibition will also explain modern construction methods such as modules and panels in concrete, steel and timber.

An accompanying seminar and lecture series will bring together professionals from the architecture, construction and manufacturing industries to encourage debate on the future of modern housing in the city. Please visit our Forthcoming Events section for more information.