Photon Pod Symposium - Day 2


The Photon Project is a unique and important four year study into the biological effects of light and the development of healthy ‘Photon Living’ solutions for all types of buildings. The project is being launched at the London Design Festival with a prototype pod built outside The Building Centre. A two day symposium will explore the effects of daylight on Human Biology.

Tuesday 17th September 1pm - 4.30pm

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Theme 3 – Daylight + Architecture & Design

a thematic about the integration of light into our everyday environment, its affect mood perception and comfort, how can we raise this agenda and change standards

The second day aims to connect with the agenda of the London Design Festival, and invites all Designers to recognise the significance of exploiting daylight in space, interiors, and furniture, in the residential environments.

Introduction By Sponsor:
1.05pm – 1.15pm Charlie Sharman - MD of Cantifix Ltd.

1.15pm – 1.35pm John Pawson - JPStudio (TBC)
1.35pm – 1.55pm Mike Roberts - MD of HAB Housing
1.55pm – 2.15pm Sean Carney - Chief Design Officer of Philips

Round Table Discussion:
2.45pm – 4.00pm All Presenters Chaired by Paul Finch

Professor Steve Lockley - Harvard Medical School
Rebecca Roberts-Hughes - RIBA Policy Unit
Brent Richards - Transpolis Global
Dr Heather Berlin - Cognitive Scientist (TBC)
Prof Debra Skene - Centre for Chronobiology (TBC)
Danny Lane - Glass Artist

4.00pm – 4.30pm Q&A + Summary for Day 2 & Symposium

Free to attend. Booking essential.

For further information see The Photon Project website.