People before profit: Designing cities with wellbeing at heart


A successful city needs to work for people across a range of family groups, ages and cultures. This includes provision of recreational space, transport links, appropriate housing, education and health facilities. What makes this particularly challenging is that most development is designed with profit as the prime motivator rather than the wellbeing of residents. Also, what works for one social group may conflict with the needs of another group. This session will debate the issues and suggest new urban models that work for the benefit of all.

Lord Richard Best, President, Local Government Association; and Chair, All Party Parliamentary Group on Housing and Care for Older People

Ken Livingstone, former Mayor of London

Tim Gill, Owner, Rethinking Childhood

Phil Jones, Managing Director, Phil Jones Associates; and Panel Member, CIHT Urban Design Panel

Chris Brown, Chief Executive, Igloo Regeneration

This event will be at Ecobuild 2015 on 5 March in the South Arena.

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