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The crescent outside The Building Centre has been transformed with 7,000 sandbags into a temporary urban park for 10 days as part of the London Festival of Architecture.

Oculus, designed by Roz Barr Architects and engineers Ramboll, sponsored by Derwent London, the Arts Council and the London Borough of Camden is the latest in a series of temporary interventions in Store Street's South Crescent to test ideas for the future use of this small but significant piece of public realm.

The hessian sandbags transform the Crescent with a newly crafted surface; creating a series of spaces, seating and a 120-seat amphitheatre topped by a suspended pool of water. The suspended pool, created from a steel ring supporting a membrane of transparent material filled with water, will frame distorted views of the trees, buildings and sky above the amphitheatre and lends the installation its name – Oculus.

Oculus will be open to the public from Wednesday 4 July to Thursday 12 July people are encouraged to use and enjoy the space. Free events listed below:

10 & 11 July:Tai Chi: One hour of free lessons - guaranteed to de-stress

10 July:The West End Project: Hear from LB Camden on their proposals to reinstate two-way traffic on Tottenham Court Road.

11 July:Sandbag Igloos:Hear from Article 25 and designers with experience of building sandbag structures.

12 July:Transforming public spaces: Hear key speakers talk about the transformation of public spaces in the city.

Oculus from The Building Centre on Vimeo.