Made in London: Industrial land and the future of manufacturing


With 500 hectares of industrial land having been lost to housing in the past five years and permitted development rights putting the remaining 6950 hectares under threat, we are witnessing an unprecedented pressure on space for those integral cogs that make London function. With advances in technology and the streamlining of processes, industry and manufacturing need no longer be banished to the peripheries of the M25.

How do we ensure we are accommodating industrial uses, essential services and local manufacturers whilst housing the capital’s growing population? How can housing and industry be embedded into areas of regeneration to ensure the long term success of place? 


Neil Impiazzi, partnerships development manager, SEGRO 
Michael Toyer, assistant director for economic development, LB Enfield
Darryl Chen, partner, Hawkins Brown 
Catherine Staniland
, director, New London Architecture (Chair)


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