Lunch tour with StudioMUTT

Tuesday 30 July, 1.15pm - 1.45pm

Join Studio MUTT for a free lunch tour of their Ordnance Pavilion installation in the Contemporary Cartography exhibition. 

The Ordnance Pavilion seeks to investigate how humans have interacted with the landscape, both physically and culturally, through Ordnance Survey maps. The data of OS maps has been a conduit for our physical human relationship to the landscape; the geographical conditions as well as the man made constructions across it. The bold cartographic style of the maps has surpassed mere function and been absorbed culturally, moved from the abstract to be at once prosaic and iconic.

Studio MUTT’s research has picked out one moment in the history of OS Maps since the first publication in 1801. A monumental event, and a somewhat absurd thought in an age of smartphones and GPS, the Retriangulation of Great Britain in 1935-62 saw the remeasuring of the entire British Isles by hand. 

The Pavilion tries to capture this DIY spirit, creating a 3D assemblage of references from the larger narrative, combining them all with an OS like graphic quality to create a familiar yet peculiar object within the landscape.

The event is free but please register in advance.

This event is part of the Contemporary Cartography exhibition programme, curated by the Building Centre exhibitions team and supported by the Built Environment Trust. 


With thanks to the Contemporary Cartography programme supporters, Medite Smartply