Lumiere London 2018


As a vibrant, creative and design-led area in Central London, Fitzrovia is excited to be a new destination for Lumiere London in 2018. Sponsored by The Fitzrovia Partnership for Fitzrovia, it includes an intriguing collaboration between art and science and the lighting up of undiscovered spaces in the area. We hope you enjoy the installations and we look forward to welcoming visitors, old and new.

Installations to look our for:

– Cosmoscope, Store Street Crescent

Be amazed by Simeon Nelson’s spectacular light sculpture, Cosmoscope,on Store Street, inspired by the study of the universe, blood flowing through the human heart and the order and disorder of atoms and molecules. This luminous installation explores the patterns, structures and similarities of these scientific areas.

– A-BIT IMMERSIVE, Store Street

Imagination (UK) transforms the facade of the company’s distinctive building with A-BIT IMMERSIVE, a work that allows audiences to explore the architecture with their own immersive physical interaction. A wave or a jump down below are translated into spectacular lighting effects. Part game, part artwork, this piece relies on the active participation of the public to create its full effect.

– Umbrella Project

Cirque Bijou's choreographed performance piece starring members of the London community equipped with LED umbrellas as it pops-up where you least expect it. Cirque Bijou have worked with community groups in Redbridge, Greenwich, Lambeth and Waltham Forest through a series of choreography and performance workshops to create a glowingly beautiful artwork which will flow throughout Fitzrovia, will you find them?

– Droplets, Fitzroy Place

Listen to Ulf Pedersen’s captivating installation, Droplets, which is made up of twelve animated water droplets, each toned to a different note in Fitzrovia’s Fitzroy Place. Originally commissioned for the 50th anniversary of the MAC in Birmingham, this subtle installation has a mostly random pattern of sounds, with the occasional melodic element coming into play.

– CONTROL NO CONTROL, Whitfield Gardens

Use your body to manipulate the graphics of this interactive LED sculpture to create a series of shapes. CONTROL NO CONTROL, by Daniel Iregui, uses five different states of sound and visual form, each exploring a different geometry and pattern.


Thursday 18 January to Saturday 20 January, 5.30pm - 10.30pm

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