Low Carbon Concrete Architecture

Based on new thinking and real world evidence, this short course on Low Carbon Concrete Architecture offers a rational method to account for the carbon impact of concrete construction and practical ways to reduce long-term energy consumption in buildings.

There is the compelling evidence that sustainable concrete architecture is the future for low-energy, green building design and why architects and designers should turn to concrete for their solutions.

This course will provide the practical knowledge and expert guidance - all you need do is to attend.

What will be explained:
Estimating C02 Figures, Minimising Construction C02.
Long Term Energy Reduction - Heating and Cooling Options.
Low Carbon Concrete Design.

What you will learn:
C02 measurement of concrete construction materials.
How to compare low energy heating and cooling solutions.
How to specify low carbon concrete architecture.

The course content is based on the book "Sustainable Concrete Architecture"

Alan Fogarty - Head of Sustainable Design, Cundall
Darren Bray - Associate, Perring Architecture and Design.
Edward Willmoth - Senior Engineer, EDP Ltd.
David Bennett - Architectural Concrete Consultant.

£125 + VAT. Refreshments Included.

This event will take place at The Building Centre, Store Street, London.

Registration from 3.00pm.