'London's Towns' NLA Conference Series - PLACEMAKING: Creating a Destination


What creates a destination? This conference will offer detailed insight into enhancing destinations in Outer London during a period where the draw of central London and new mega-malls has never been stronger. It will draw upon theoretical and practical approaches to creating a place, look into population movements and enforce the importance of public realm. Speakers include:

  • Heidi Alexander, Deputy Mayor & Cabinet Member for Regeneration, LB Lewisham
  • Malcolm Allen, Director, Locum Consulting
  • Joost Beunderman, Associate, Urhahn Urban Design
  • Ian Clement, Deputy Mayor, Government Relations
  • Nick Falk, Director, Urbed
  • Tom Holbrooke, Director, 5th Studio
  • Tim Stonor, Managing Director, Space Syntax

Price: £149 (£129 NLA Supporters)

Special offer: Buy all three 'London's Towns' conferences for only £399 (£349 NLA Supporters)

For details and tickets, visit www.newlondonarchitecture.org/conferences/ or call 020 7636 4044.