'London's Towns' NLA Conference Series - DEVELOPING COMMUNITIES: How the Outer Boroughs Work


Sustainable communities - neighbourhoods with good homes, local shops, lots of jobs and opportunities - are vital to the future success and prosperity of the outer boroughs and London as a whole. This conference will look at how the outer towns tackle the key issues of housing, employment, leisure activities and sustainable development. Speakers include:

  • Gideon Amos, Director, Town & Country Planning Association
  • Andrew Barry-Purssell, Head of London Plan, Greater London Authority
  • Peter Bishop, Group Director Design Development & Environment, London Development Agency
  • David Lunts, London Director, Homes & Communities Agency
  • Sir Richard MacCormac, Chairman, MacCormac Jamieson Prichard
  • John McGill, Deputy Director, North London Strategic Alliance
  • Richard Powell, Director, First Base
  • Brian Reynolds, Deputy Chief Executive and Executive Director for Environment & Transport, LB Barnet

Price: £149 (£129 NLA Supporters)

Special offer: Buy all three 'London's Towns' conferences for only £399 (£349 NLA Supporters)

For details and tickets, visit www.newlondonarchitecture.org/conferences/ or call 020 7636 4044.