London Lights


Colourful lights used to be just for Christmas, but more and more designers are realising that a wealth of new technology allows them to use colour in lighting to dramatic effect and re-interpret daytime architecture.

The striking use of full-blooded colour and graphics on the stark concrete of Denys Lasdun’s National Theatre building creates a contrast between the building in natural light and in artificial light that is as different as, well, day and night.

The blue metal halide lighting that Imagination used to enhance the sculptural qualities of the Lloyd’s Building is now ubiquitous. Over-use may sometimes lead to cliché, but as this exhibition shows, there is growing sophistication in lighting design which provides drama, celebration, excitement and theatre.

Light has one great advantage over the buildings it illumines. If we want to change it we can do so – at the flick of a switch

A series of Morning talks run alongside this exhibiton, vist our Forthcoming Events page for more information