&ldquo;If the bridge was a car, what would it be?<br>...a Ford Mondeo, with alloy wheels&rdquo;<br>


Realising the vision of the Stockton footbridge

The new Infinity Bridge in Stockton on Tees is the subject of a new exhibition at The Building Centre.

Designed by 23 companies led by Expedition Engineering, the 180m long footbridge forms part of the major Tees Valley Regeneration project. It was born out of Maggie Thatcher´s 1n987 confrontation with unemployed Eric Fletcher, a ‘Walk in the Wilderness’ on the very same site.

The exceptionally slender double bow form of the bridge is a unique response to the local culture, the site and the natural forces there. It was largely built by local people. Free of fancy thrills the bridge is carefully and rational detailed and was opened in a blaze of fireworks and beer in the presence of 10,000 Stocktonites last month.

Exhibition designed by thomas.matthews