Hydrogen & Fuel Cells – New Energy Sources for the City


Hydrogen is seen by many as the ideal energy source to replace fossil fuels. Fuel cells are one of the most efficient ways of producing both power and heat from various fuel sources. There has been considerable international development undertaken in these technologies but there are still barriers to their full scale application. This seminar examines the role hydrogen and fuel cells can play in tackling climate change in transport, power and buildings and shows where they can be most effectively applied in building and infrastructure projects.

Contributors: Zoe Jennings of The London Hydrogen Partnership who lead the application of the technology in the city. David Hart of E4tech an Anglo-Swiss energy consultancy specialising in the analysis of alternative energy futures; Ben Madden of Element Energy looking at transport applications; Robert Morgan of CERES Power one of the leading developers of applied fuel cell technology and Gary Lomas of BOC on hydrogen generation & storage.