How do you pay for green infrastructure in an age of austerity?

The election build-up is seeing battle lines being drawn over investment in the health service and grey infrastructure. But while there is no question that these are primary services that must be funded, similar importance is not attached to green infrastructure projects. This is despite widespread acknowledgement of the vital importance of the environment and the multiple benefits it provides. What can and should we do to promote policies on green infrastructure?

This event brings together leading policymakers to discuss this increasingly important issue. Confirmed speakers include:

- Katherine Drayson of Policy Exchange 

- Ed Wallis of Fabian Society

- Sue Ireland of The Parks Alliance

- Noel Farrer of Farrer Huxley Associates/Landscape Institute

- Peter Neal of Peter Neal Consulting

Chaired by: Lewis Blackwell of The Building Centre and Paul Lincoln of the Landscape Institute.

This event will be followed by a Q&A and drinks reception.

This is the last in a series of events that illustrate and expand on the themes of the Rethinking the Urban Landscape, an exhibition curated by The Building Centre and the Landscape Institute. Each event asks a question that addresses future learning and thinking for the design profession. Speakers include landscape architects, policymakers, community activists and industry leaders.


Please note: Registration opens at 6pm, the event starts at 6.30pm

Cost: £8.50 per person


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