How can we enable people in Britain to live in better places?


To coincide with WikiHouse 4.0 we have teamed up with Ordnance Survey and the Land Registry for a series of events on housing to launch their GeoVation Challenge.

Ordnance Survey, along with the Land Registry, are giving away £101,000 in funding. Prizes will be awarded to proposals that find the best solutions for long term housing issues, such as affordability; availability; access; infrastructure and the best use of assets. Proposals must reflect geographical factors, technology and good design. The challenge is open to everyone.

The Housing Challenge Launch
Monday 15 September, 6pm

Understand more about the GeoVation Challenge and hear from past winners about what receiving funding has meant to them. Followed by a drinks reception and networking.

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What are the problems that need solutions?
16 September, 2pm to 5pm

Expert speakers discuss they key problems in housing. The GeoVation Challenge will be looking for innovative ideas that address these problems using Ordnance Survey and Land Registry data, products or services, technology and good design. With speakers from Cabe at the Design Council, WikiHouse, Ordnance Survey and the Land Registry.

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Bite-size open data master class
17 September, 6pm – 9pm

An opportunity for people to learn more about and experiment with Ordnance Survey and Land Registry open data products and services. The session will focus on using data relevant to the GeoVation Challenge.

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