Handcrafted Concrete for Small Projects


An essential course for architects, contractors and self-builders looking to produce or specify beautiful hand-cast concrete features.

This course will cover the key requirements of the concrete mix including:
- selecting materials
- concrete workmanship
- how to cast worktops, floors, staircases, paving, fireplaces and other hand cast items

It will provide guidance and expertise on how to:
- source materials
- mix concrete
- prepare and assemble formwork
- place and finish concrete
- use texture and colour with concrete

What you will learn:
- how to specify visual concrete for small projects
- how to mix concrete in small batches by hand, when essential
- achieving smooth and exposed aggregate finishes

Main speaker: David Bennett, Architectural Concrete Consultant is an expert in visual concrete construction and has a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to share with you

Cost: £128+VAT or £88+VAT to students