Hand Crafted Concrete<br><em>Floors, staircases, worktops, landscape and sculpture</em>

Image courtesy of AOC architects


A practical half day workshop for architects, interior designers, landscape designers, builders and self build enthusiasts.


David Bennett, Architectural Concrete Consultant

James Armstrong, KitKaboodle Ltd

Gillian Lambert, AOC Architects

The course will cover:

The workshop provides know-how, guidance and expertise on how to source materials, mix concrete, prepare and assemble formwork, place and finish concrete, and texture and colour concrete for use in many projects around the home, the garden, public spaces, restaurants, bars and cafes. Comprehensive technical notes and reference information are included.

  • Concrete Mixes, including material selection, aggregate size, recycled glass, cement, pigments, admixtures, weighing scales
  • Mixing Methods, including hand batching, mortar concrete mixers, and small truck mixers
  • Forming and Finishing, including formwork tips, reinforcement mesh, floor joints, placing and compacting, and curing surface finishes
  • A Step by Step Approach to Casting, including a detailed case study of Radcliff Street Plaza, Bristol by James Armstrong of Kitkaboodle Ltd.
  • A detailed case study of Hearth House, North London by Gill Lambert of AOC Architects

Booking is essential: Cost: 125 + VAT