Geometric Computing for Freeform Architecture

The emergence of freeform structures in contemporary architecture raises numerous challenging problems, most of which are related to the actual fabrication and are a rich source of research topics in geometry and geometric computing. The talk will provide an overview of recent progress in this field, and address topics such as meshes with planar faces, meshes which allow multilayer constructions, structures from circular arcs, the paneling problem and novel techniques for design space exploration. It will also illustrate the transfer of research into the practice at hand of selected projects.

Professor Helmut Pottmann, author of the important book Architectural Geometry, a mathematician and geometer who addresses directly the geometric concerns of architecture. As well as being Professor at TU Vienna where he has bred a new generation of PhD’s in this area, he has spearheaded the important biennial Advances in Architectural Geometry (AAG), and is currently Professor and Director of the Geometric Modeling and Scientific Visualization Research Center at the KAUST University in Saudi Arabia.

“For architecture to advance we need to exploit the new freedom complex geometry gives us; the mathematical tools to do so lie in the hands of people like Helmut Pottmann.” Lars Hesselgren, Director Research PLP, Director SmartGeometry Group.