From Offsite to Insite - learning from Code levels 5 & 6 houses on the BRE Innovation Park


BRE Innovation Park, Garston, Watford

The Building Centre will be hosting the first of the INSITE09 Masterclasses at the BRE Innovation Park in Watford. This will coincide with the launch of the second generation of low carbon highly energy efficient and affordable houses at the Park.

The Masterclass will look at lessons learned from the first generation of houses at the Park and look forward to what will be achieved through the second generation.

Speakers: The Lighthouse - Dr Paul Newman, Technical Director, Kingspan Off-Site

The Sigma Home - Alan Budden, ECO Design Consultants

The Barratt Green House - Terry Ritchie, Technical Director, Barratt

Preview of Insite09 - Jaya Skandamorthy, BRE

Chaired by Andrew Scoones, Director, The Building Centre.

The event is free for those attending INSITE09. Bookings can be made on the INSITE09 website

Please click here for instructions on how to get to the Innovation Park in Watford.