From Beijing to London: Contemporary Chinese Architecture 2012

Shan Jun, Spring and Autumn Gateway


It is rare to see Chinese architects on the global architectural stage. This may be due to historical bias, cultural gaps, or different evaluation systems. When Chinese architecture is mentioned we instantly think of the cliches of a fast-growing market, instead of the individual architects. However, contemporary Chinese architects are increasingly confident, pursuing a modern expression of space and addressing key social issues.

'Quantity enhances quality', is a Chinese maxim. Two decades of practice and exploration have resulted in an exciting new appearance of contemporary Chinese architecture which embodies new design philosophies, attitudes, approaches, strategies, solutions, and firm beliefs towards a prosperous China. At the same time, unprecedented rapid development and urbanisation in the past two decades has also caused a huge impact in local environments. Lessons learned, money paid, risks and opportunities co-exist. How should Chinese architects respond?

This exhibition and a series of related events will introduce and promote contemporary Chinese architecture and enhance communication and collaboration between Chinese and British architects. The exhibition also coincides with the 2012 London Book Fair where China is the highlighted Market Focus.