Free CPD pipework, corrosion and BIM workshops


A range of specially developed CPD workshops covering Pipework Specifications and installation issues, Galvanic Corrosion and BIM will be provided by the BISPA team, including members from Tata Steel and Loughborough University, also supported by experts from the Galvanisers association and Cranfield University.

The courses will be over four days starting Tuesday 6 February until Friday 9 February at The Building Centre. 

Course 1: Pipework specifications with Tata Steel, Tubes
The differences in tube manufacturing methods and show how this can affect the performance and service life of pipework systems within building services projects.  

Attendees will gain an understanding of the root causes of typical quality issues associated with imported cold-formed tubes and the correct pipework specifications and approvals to request to ensure hot-finished tubes are supplied.


Course two: Introduction to Galvanic Corrosion with Cranfield University
The fundamentals of Galvanic Corrosion and how performance and service life issues can result from using mixed metal pipework systems.  

Attendees will gain an understanding of the root causes of pipework failures as a result of dissimilar metals being used and the associated electrochemical reactions. It will also advise how such situations can be avoided.


Course three: Pipework BIM and VR with Loughborough University.
The principles and skills for using object-orientated 3D BIM and the modelling of typical building services pipework systems, and examine how VR (Virtual Reality) promotes new and innovative ways of interacting with BIM models.  

Attendees will learn how to find and use vendor or manufacturer-based component families for pipework systems, edit or customize families and generate necessary documentation, and see how VR can be used as an interactive training tool.

The session will include a 30 minutes VR demonstration. 


Course four: Pipework Installation with UK Galvanizers Association and Tata Steel
This workshop will describe the hot dip galvanizing process and address the various installation and quality misconceptions.  

Attendees will gain an understanding of zinc coatings and how they preferentially protect carbon steel tubes.


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