FORMTEXX Freeform Facades

FORMTEXX is to launch its unique double-curvature facades at The Building Centre. These facades are manufactured using the technology and precision of automotive mass production. The launch of this innovative process will show that the digital design and manufacture of complex geometry sheet metal work is now a seamless reality. It´s not rapid prototyping - it is rapid manufacturing on an industrial scale. FORMTEXX has developed an entirely new category of sheet metal processing which produces custom double curvature components to the finish quality and precision of the high end automotive industry. It does this robotically, without fixed tooling, and in the quantities anticipated by major construction projects. This exhibition will also demonstrate how the supporting FORMTEXX software is unique in offering superior analytical processes and creative tools for panel tiling based on user-definable parameters such as panel shape, size, orientation, split lines, minimum radius, cost factors, materials selection, fixings and sub-structures. The software uses a proprietary graphics engine similar to those used in the Gaming industry. And all this in blistering real time! For further information see