Fine Concrete Finishes for Framed Concrete Buildings


This course covers the key requirements during the design stage of visual concrete for framed buildings. It will cover,

- Choosing and controlling concrete colour and tone
- The selection of form face materials critical to the finish - smooth ply, board marked, chipboard, corrugated metal and other surfaces
- Detailing of sheet layouts for columns, walls and soffits; tie holes, shadow gaps, corners and joints, shutter striking times
- Practical tips: workmanship in vertical work and slab construction
- Common defects and surface blemishes: how to avoid them
- Sample and trial panels: how to judge a good finish

Practical guidance will also be provided on formwork assembly, the tie bolt holes, tie cones, placing and compacting concrete for no blemishes, good concrete workmanship tips and what to do if there are surface blemishes.

Comprehensive technical notes and reference information are included.

Cost: £125 +VAT. Places are limited. Booking is essential