Fine Concrete Finishes and Low Carbon Construction


This course will provide valuable information for those interested in high quality and low carbon concrete construction.

The course will cover:
• key requirements of the visual concrete specification
• essentials of the concrete mix to ensure consistent colour and quality
• selection of form face materials
• good formwork practice
• site workmanship in handling and compaction of concrete
• common concrete defects and how to cure them
• how to assess and minimise the C02 of a concrete mix
• how to measure reinforcement and formwork allowing to specify low carbon concrete structures with assurance.

The course includes a workshop on auditing the total CO2 in the construction of a building. Attendees just need to bring a calculator on the day.

The speakers are experts in their field of specialisation and have a wealth of knowledge and practical experience they will share with you.

David Bennett, Architectural Concrete Consultant and Low Carbon Advisor
Jessica Mentz, Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects
Jim Martin, Buro Happold Structural Engineers

PART A: Visual Concrete
PART B: Assessing CO2 of Concrete & Construction Materials
PART C: Case Study: City of Westminster College, Paddington

The new seven storey City of Westminster College is designed from the inside- out as a series of horizontal floors linked to produce interlocking single and double height spaces and terraces. The floors are orientated around a rotating full height atrium at the heart of the building which brings light into the centre of the spaces.

A simple and restrained palette of materials and finishes is used for both the interior and exterior of the building. The internal exposed concrete surfaces are balanced by a restrained yet warm palette of materials, mainly light timber panels accented by splashes of colour.

The course will be of benefit to architects, structural engineers, project managers and construction specialists who wish to be updated and briefed on architectural cast concrete and how to assess the CO2 of concrete and other common building materials.

All relevant course material will be given to attendees

The course content is based on two books written by David Bennett 'Architectural Insitu Concrete' and 'Sustainable Concrete Architecture' published by RIBA Publications

The course counts towards atendees CPD requirements

Cost: £125 +VAT. Places are limited. Booking is essential