Film Night: American 1960’s Icons


This month Engineering Club Film Night will feature some varied films made in the USA in the 1960’s and 70’s on iconic engineering and design.

Opening with selected short films by and about the groundbreaking American designers, The Films of Charles and Ray Eames look at their design philosophy and their approach to educational film making.

Monument to the Dream (1964), directed by Four Time Academy Award winner Charles Guggenheim, presents the story of the building of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Arch in St. Louis, Missouri. It follows the adventure of the arch’s construction by depicting the engineering achievement as a metaphor for the struggle to win the West. With kind permission from Guggenheim Production Inc

Booking is essential.
The evenings are free to Engineering Club members - please email events to reserve a place.
Non-members will be charged an entrance fee of £6, please book below.