Feeling Good - The Science and Economics of Wellbeing in Interiors


The Feeling Good series brings together engineers, interior designers, quantity surveyors, architects, academics, suppliers, manufacturers and healthcare experts to examine how a growing body of scientific research can add value to the interiors industry, promote human wellbeing and have a positive effect on the client’s finances.

Evidence Based Design (EBD), now well accepted in healthcare architecture, analyses how a well conceived physical environment can promote wellbeing. Every party within the interiors industry has an opportunity now to implement this research and provide long term benefits for the end-users. By applying EBD to places of work, schools and homes, the industry has the chance to increase and sustain wellbeing for all.

Many design factors - acoustics, air quality, colour, lighting and furnishings can have a calculable impact on building occupants and ultimately the client’s bottom line. Job satisfaction, increased productivity, higher occupancy/lower absenteeism can result from applying knowledge that derives from an increasing body of research in this field. The Feeling Good series looks at all these factors and helps you to apply scientific research to your line of work.

This series will be of benefit to:
• Consultants wanting to obtain scientific evidence to share with clients in support of new design proposals
• Owner/occupiers planning property improvements and looking for robust knowledge on impacts and anticipated returns
• Suppliers/Manufacturers to increase knowledge and apply data to meet industry’s growing demand for products that cater for human wellbeing
• Facility Managers and HR professionals looking to improve efficiency and boost morale


Introduction by Elina Grigoriou, Grigoriou Interiors

Prof Derek Clements-Croome, University of Reading,
'Design for the Senses'
Dr Hilary Dalke, Professor of Design, Kingston University
'Colour in Practice'
Katie Livesey, Senior Consultant, BRE
'Findings of BRE Trust’s project: Measuring the wellbeing benefits of interior material selection'
Jody Aked, Well-being Consultant, nef consulting
'Wellbeing dividends: Why investing in employee happiness makes business sense'

Closing Summary by Richard Francis, Gardiner & Theobald

"I attend a lot of seminars on a range of topics and was struck by how good the Feeling Good event was. Genuinely thought provoking, excellent expert speakers talking about a topic of real relevance. I'm certainly not going to miss Feeling Good 2." DF, Association of Interior Specialists

Registrations will take place from 8am

Cost £60.00 + VAT or £25 + VAT for students

Feeling Good
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