Feeling Good - The Science and Economics of Wellbeing in Interiors


The latest Feeling Good talk on Wellbeing in Interiors examines how Evidence Based Design can add value to the interiors industry. This session will include an introduction to the field of Environmental Psychology - the study of people-environment relationships. The presentation will include some examples of the methods and outcomes of research-based knowledge in the enhancement of architectural and interior design.

During this seminar you will gain valuable knowledge about sustainability and wellbeing, learn how to apply evidence based knowledge to your line of work and acquire academic research to strengthen your thoughts to clients and design teams. Each talk is followed by a constructive Q&A session where the audience and speakers can debate ideas and share their experiences.

We will also be announcing plans for the future of the Feeling Good series, including new methods to capture and disseminate research and ways for individuals and companies to get involved in the Feeling Good programme.

Feeling Good brings together engineers, interior designers, quantity surveyors, architects, academics, manufacturers, healthcare experts and more to share, learn and create better spaces.

Registrations will take place from 8am.

Tracy Butterworth, Handstand People
‘Feeling Good About Work: Creating Sustainable Workplaces’

Lily Bernheimer, Sarah Hewitt, Clara F. M. Weber ,University of Surrey
‘Practical Applications of Environmental Psychology: The Need for Evidence-Based Knowledge to Improve the Quality of our Built Environment and Interiors’

George Mackerron, University of Sussex and LSE’s Grantham Research Institute
‘Mappiness, a spatial experience sampling project which explores links between immediate wellbeing and the immediate environment.’

Andrew Scoones, The Building Centre & Elina Grigoriou, Grigoriou Interiors
Collaboration & Developing Wellbeing in Interiors

Next Steps and Closing Summary by Richard Francis, Gardiner & Theobald

£60 + VAT or £25 + VAT for students

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