Engineered Timber - An Overview

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This seminar launches the Engineerd Timber Forum Series for 2012-13 and is the first of seven free technical seminars for engineers, architects and specifiers. The series will introduce the key engineered timber products and systems, and will cover Crosslaminated Timber (CLT); Glulam Timber, LSL and LVL; Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs); Roof / floor systems and trussed rafters; Woodwork in Construction; Timber Frame

Timber experts from engineering, architecture and product manufacturing will demonstrate the possibilities, design and benefits of engineered timber. Each seminar will close with the opportunity to meet the speakers and timber experts to answer queries and provide project guidance. The line up for the first seminar is as follows:

Engineered Timber - An Overview - Dr. Robert Hairstans - Edinburgh Napier University
o The need for Re-Engineering
o Timber Composites
o Massive Timber
o Timber Trusses
o I-Beams
o Combining Timber with Other Materials
o Timber and Steel
o Timber and Concrete
o Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)
o Timber and Carbon Fibre

Engineered Timber Forum - John White, Timber Trade Federation

Wood First - David Hopkins, Wood for Good and Stuart Harker, Timber Trade Federation

Followed by Q & A and networking.
Registrations will take place from 9am.

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