Engineered Precast Elegance - refinement, rigour and simplicity


The Katson Building, Stockholm - Linda Matson, White Architects

“The formal language of the architecture is characterised by hard-driven structural demands of exposed concrete soffits, columns and beams, neatly arranged mechanical and electrical systems, and by precise detailing”.

9 Avenue Rene Coty, Paris - Christian Hauvette, Christian Hauvette Architects

“The most interesting feature of the building has been determined by the constraints of the triangular plot on which we had to shoe-horn the building. It made for an interesting architectural statement and a structural engineering challenge. We like the natural grey of concrete as a surface because it looks like stone; it’s honest and is the modern equivalent of the limestone construction of many old buildings in Paris”.

The Concrete Elegance series is a partnership between The Building Centre Trust and The Concrete Centre