energy@thebuildingcentre<br><br>Biomass in the City

Note: This event was originally advertised to take place from 9.00am - 1.00pm. The correct time for this event is 2.00 - 6.00pm.

Biomass, in particular woodfuel, has a huge role to play in delivering renewable energy – the Government estimates it could meet around half of our total renewable targets by 2020. Biomass heat is central to delivering this as it is the most cost-effective technology by far and can be deployed at a wide range of sizes and applications.

This practical half-day workshop will give participants clear guidance on the issues involved to incorporate this valuable renewable resource into current projects.

Participants include:

Steve Critchley of the Renewable Energy Association will talk you through biomass as a fuel source, different fuel and technology types and its contribution to emissions targets.

Alistair Yeomans of the Sylva Foundationwill provide latest information on currently available and future supplies with particular emphasis on local authority sources. The myForest woodland management and woodfuel sourcing tool will be presented.

Alastair McMahon of Bioregional will provide guidance on getting started including the Dos and Don’ts of specification and installation through to best practice project management.

Ed Dearnley of Environmental Protection UK will discuss air quality issues with an update on current guidance and regulatory frameworks and a roundup on potential solutions and paths to success.

Dr Richard Blanchard, Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology, Loughborough University will look at heat only and CHP technologies and applications in the city.

There will also be sessions on recent case studies and planning.

Who should attend?
Developers, architects, engineers, building surveyors, facilities managers, energy managers, renewable energy investors, local authority officers assessing or specifying biomass boilers.

Booking is essential; limited space available.

Cost: £145 + VAT to attend and includes refreshments and course materials.

The Forestry Commission wishes to encourage greater use of locally sourced woodfuel within the London area. As a result, the Forestry Commission is working with BioRegional to deliver a programme of technical support and awareness raising activities in and around London for producers and end users of woodfuel. This event forms part of this European-funded programme of works.