Energy Conversations - Will Fracking End Fretting?


The UK has a potentially huge source of energy on its doorstep. ‘Fracking’ has transformed the US energy market and now makes shale gas technology an attractive option for the UK energy market. Energy security and consistent lower prices could be significant gain for the UK economy. However, have we overestimated the quantities involved? Can the UK’s physical, political and social environment withstand the impact of the technology, and should we be seduced by the attraction of cheap energy?


Professor Richard Selley, Petroleum Exploration, Imperial College
Dick Selley has spent most of his career at Imperial College, although he spent several years working for oil companies in Libya, Greenland and the North Sea. His research has been in the application of sedimentology to petroleum exploration and production, particularly in developing techniques for diagnosing the depositional environments of petroleum reservoirs to predict their geometry. His research on UK shale gas resources, carried out over 25 years ago and first published in 1987 and 2005, has suddenly become of renewed interest.

Presentation by Professor Richard Selley here

Nick Grealy, No Hot Air
A graduate of New York University, Nick¹s US based career included working for utility Con Edison, Chase Manhattan Bank North African Finance and the City of New York Home Energy Assistance Program. Today Nick Grealy is Director of the energy consultancy No Hot Air, specialising in public perception and acceptance issues of shale energy worldwide. Born in the UK, Nick moved to New York City in his teens and lived in the United States for over two decades.

Presentation by Nick Grealy here

Bill Bordass OBE, William Bordass Associates (Chair)
Bill is the Principal of William Bordass Associates and research and policy adviser to the Usable Buildings Trust. He studies how buildings actually work, how people get things done, and the relationships between users, management and technologies. He received CIBSE¹s low-carbon pioneer award in 2008.

Energy Conversations is a series of regular talks, debates and discussions around the supply and use of energy. Aimed at developers, occupiers, designers and suppliers it will explore key political, design and technical issues which influence sustainable environments. They are produced in association with Buro Happold engineers.

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