Effective Specification Selling

Designed for those needing knowledge or a refresher course on the specification selling process.

Specification selling has become an extremely complex process with many influences on final product selection. The company which understands who the different influencers are, what is important to them and the circumstances when they are most important has the greatest chance of sales success. To maintain or improve market share and profitability manufacturers need to create demand for their products by working with specifiers.

Today this is a complex process involving the contractor as well as various professionals. Projects also need to be monitored from conception through to completion, which can take 18 months or more.

This course examines the market dynamics which influence decision making and the specification process itself. It proposes methods of working with specifiers, contractors and distributors and suggests methods to manage the process.

Having been successfully run as an internal course for manufacturers over a number of years this programme is now available as an open course. It can be used to introduce salesmen to the specification selling process or as a refresher course for those already operating in this environment.

The course is suitable for the salesman new to specification selling, those working internally in a technical advisory or lead qualification role and as a refresher for the experienced specification salesman. It is also suitable for those working in the marketing function who wish to identify the areas where support is required for the sales team.

The course requires a basic understanding of selling skills.


Learning Outcomes

• Understand the impact of market influences
• Recognise the different contracts used and their impact on decision making
• Appreciate how the residential sector is evolving and its future industry wide impact
• Know different decision makers and how they influence specification
• Effectively use the different sales tools available
• Develop personal strategies to manage the process

9.00 Arrive and Coffee
9.30 Market Dynamics
• Market Structure
• Future Developments
• Changing Specifier Influence

10.30 Coffee

10.50 Types of Contract
• Traditional Contract
• Design & Build
• Management Contracting
• Prime Contracting
• Documentation

11.50 The Housing Developer
• Influencers
• Changing Procurement
12.20 Lunch
13.20 The Specification Process
• The Specification
• Customer and Market Dynamics
• Decision Makers
14.20 Working with Specifiers
• Building Relationships
• Using Features and Benefits
• Sales Tools

14.55 Coffee
15.15 The Contractor and Distributor
• Price v Value
• Using the Relationship
• Monitoring Specifications
• Switching Specifications

15.45 Managing the Process
• Customer Strategies
• Risks and Priorities
• Knowing the Relationship
• CRM Systems
• Project Management

16.00 Close

6 CPD hours

Cost: £295+VAT