Drawn To The Future event series

Hear from the exhibitors and experts themselves on the cutting edge technologies that are revolutionising visualisation in the built environment. 

Events include:

From mapping to making, Thursday 10 September, 6.30pm
Radical evolution in the making and meaning of maps is influencing creative output. New approaches to data capture and integration - from drones to crowd-sourcing - suggest maps are changing their impact on our working life, particularly in design. Speakers from Ordnance Survey, UCL and Arup will give insight into innovative mapping techniques and explore why these fundamentals matter so much. 

The physical model in a digital age, Monday 21 September, 6.30pm
When we can immerse ourselves in interactive digital realities, when we can fly-through CGI buildings and see options, what role do painstakingly created physical models have? Well, quite a lot it seems. The real and the virtual not only can but have to work together for us to see and build the future. Experts across the modelling world of creators and users explore what works when and why.

Guardians of the graphics, Monday 28 September, 6.30pm
We have many techniques to explore and present designs today: but which are to be used when and why? And what's next?  From hand-powered mark-making that can be traced back to cave art, through to super-real CGI that is increasingly replacing photography and video, our communication choices have never been greater. A panel of expert practitioners will explore how and why they opt for particular approaches - and consider the positives and the perils. Collectively they will brainstorm what might come next.