Drawing Gymnasium


2 places have now become available

We are once again teaming up with D R A W I N G A T W O R K to run the Drawing Gymnasium workshops to develop visualisation and communication skills through drawing.

Each attendee works from the Dr@w teaching sketchbook to rapidly learn techniques including axonometric, 1 and 2 point perspective, and section. The course motivates people to communicate effectively and provides a broad set of skills for expressing ideas in the design process.Individuals are encouraged to progress at a comfortable pace in a stimulating and supportive atmosphere.

The course will be run on four consecutive weeks from July as follows:

Tuesday 19 July

Tuesday 26 July

Tuesday 2 August

Tuesday 9 August

All workshops run from 6.00pm to 8:30pm and take place at The Building Centre.

"People don't go to their gym to become gymnasts; generally they want to feel better by improving their overall fitness, and we have developed the Drawing Gymnasium closely with our clients over the last 2 years to do just this - it teaches exercises to boost drawing skills within a framework that allows participants to find their strengths and work to these"

Trevor Flynn, Director, Drawing At Work

Spaces are limited.
Booking is essential.
Cost: £245+VAT
or £195+VAT for Engineering Club members. Please email the event team for further information.