Designing for the refugee crisis


Over the past year the refugee situation across Europe has escalated into a full-blown crisis. Very recently local authorities in Calais began destroying sections of the “Jungle” – the sprawling refugee and migrant camp that has become a symbol of Europe's immigration crisis. Architects are equipped with the knowledge that can provide a solution to one of the most basic human rights refugees need: shelter. The question is not should the architectural community respond, but how? This panel discussion in partnership with Museum of Architecture will shed light on some of the work architects and designers are doing in response to the crisis. 

Speakers include:

- Karen McVeigh, senior news reporter for the Guardian (chair)

- Uli Schmid, global networking and humanitarian expert for Innovation & Planning Agency Association

- Dr. Harriet Harriss, senior tutor in Interior Design and Architecture at the Royal College of Art

- Tom Scott-Smith, associate professor of Refugee Studies Centre at University of Oxford

- Johan Karlsson, interim managing director at Better Shelter

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26 Food+Drink will we open for this event. Arrive early and grab yourself a drink at the paid for bar. There will also be a food menu for you to choose from.

A partnership between The Building Centre and  Museum of Architecture.