Designing for public health


This panel discussion, from The Building Centre in partnership with the Museum of Architecture, will reveal the ways in which the built environment industry is tackling issues of public health and where we can improve.

Air quality is deteriorating in many of the world’s cities. Nearly two-thirds of people with diabetes live in urban areas. Wealthier lifestyles, prioritising convenience and fast food, has led to obesity issues and urban dwellers have far-higher stress levels than their rural counterparts. With over half of the world’s population living in urban areas, cities have a duty to do a better job of protecting public health. Architects and designers play a critical role in shaping the quality of our environment; they work in collaboration with end users and their needs and ambitions, and they have the power to restore and promote mental and physical health.

Speakers include:

- Lucy Saunders, public health specialist for Transport for London and Greater London Authority

- Tom Armour, global landscape architecture leader at Arup

- Rachel Toms, programme leader at Design Council Cabe

- Henk Bouwman, director at Academy of Urbanism

- Chair: Paul Lincoln, deputy chief executive of Landscape Institute

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A partnership between The Building Centre and  Museum of Architecture.