Design for Demountability


Building designers have now embraced the concept of a 'design life' for their creations but are we any closer to planning for the end at the design stage?

As energy and material resources become more scarce, we must look into the future more carefully and design our buildings accordingly. London 2012 saw some fine examples of how buildings can be reused, adapted and recycled: can we bring the lessons learned into mainstream architecture? Are the benefits quantifiable and can they be predicted over the lifetime of a building?

Four leading exponents from different parts of the industry will explore these issues from their own perspectives:

- Pernilla Ohrstedt, Pernilla Ohrstedt Studio
- Simon Rawlinson, Head of Research at EC Harris
- Jamie Johnston, Bryden Wood
- Andrea Charlson, Materials specialist from Arup

Design for Demountability is the second in the series of events exploring the issues involved in the end of a building's life both in terms of temporary and more permanent architecture. It is supported by GPDA - the Gypsum Products Development Association. The event is free to attend but booking is essential.