Cross Town. Traffic!


Cross Town. Traffic! [with apologies to Jimi Hendrix]

50 years after the publication 'Traffic in Towns' warned us of the need to tame the tyranny of the motor car in urban areas, UK designers are finally beginning to rethink the strategies of traffic control.

In 2013 the Cheshire town of Poynton completed a scheme to transform its central streets by re-engineering the way large volumes of traffic moved through it. Its success has been described as a “game changer” and as a beacon for other towns and cities looking to regenerate the places where there is a need to rebalance that of the needs of people and vehicles.

The evening is a chance to explore how this works. It will begin with a showing of the video Poynton Regenerated which will be followed by a panel discussion examining the issues raised by the scheme.

The panel will include Ben Hamilton-Baillie an urban movement specialist who was lead designer for the Poynton scheme Robert Huxford, Director of the Urban Design Group and Stephen O'Malley Director of Civic Engineers.

The event is free to attend. Registration from 6pm.