Creating a digital marketing strategy

for construction businesses


A one-day workshop for in-house marketers responsible for managing online marketing channels for their construction brands.

The workshop is suitable for all types of marketers in the construction sector who are wanting to learn about how to develop and online marketing strategy to help achieve business goals such as:

  • Raising brand awareness
  • Increasing lead generation
  • Driving more traffic to the website
  • Communicating with existing customers

Why go digital?

More and more people in the industry are using the internet to communicate, discover new businesses, new products, filter information and share valuable information. It's vital that every business in the industry fully utilises the internet and channels to help get found/discovered, attract the right audience and then create value for them through digital marketing.

Does your website (home of your digital marketing) serve a purpose? Are you offering any value online? Are your competitors stealing your online traffic?

These are just some of the questions this workshop will help you answer.

Is print dead?

No, print isn't dead. Which is why it's even more important to be able to integrate channels seamlessly as people jump from magazines to search engines to blogs to LinkedIn. How does your audience travel through channels? This is where digital marketing and measurement of it helps.

Workshop outline:

This workshop aims to cover the following areas:

  • Setting SMART goals and objectives
    Learning: What you need to do and ask to set realistic objectives.
  • What makes a good website?
    Learning: Step by step guide to ensure the heart of your digital marketing is built to help you carry out your strategy
  • Overview of digital marketing channels (SEO, PPC, Email, Online Ads, Social Media)
    Learning: Understand how each channel works and how it could potentially help you raise brand awareness, create leads or retain customers
  • How to generate content ideas & monitor competitors
    Learning: Tips and tricks to help you generate content ideas
    Learning: How to monitor your competitors activity
  • Measuring your marketing
    Learning - How do you use Google Analytics to measure your digital marketing and website performance? 


All participants will receive a copy of the training presentation, a workbook containing questions to help create a strategy and a free 1 hour consultation after the event to answer specific questions or requirements.

Please bring a wi-fi enabled laptop

You will also need access to your website content management system, Google Analytics account and Google Webmaster Tools account.

Cost: £247 + VAT until Friday 13th March.

£295 + VAT thereafter. Lunch and refreshments included