Concrete Elegance: Theatres and Galleries


The cultural scene is the theme of this instalment of the Concrete Elegance series, with both a gallery and a theatre being showcased.

Rick Mather of Rick Mather architects will discuss the Eastbourne Cultural Centre in Eastbourne, which will provide a new home for the Towner Art Gallery collection, as well as providing a new conference space, community activity rooms, retail facilities and a café. The solid, metal-clad volume of the Cultural Centre’s art spaces is intended to act as a neutral foil to the transparency of an existing nearby theatre. The fair-face concrete that features prominently throughout the major public and circulation spaces internally only appears externally at the entrance area.

Alan Stanton of Stanton Williams Architects will focus on the new extension of the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry, which will contribute to its recognition as one of the country’s leading regional theatres, enabling programming of greater cultural diversity. The new extension provides a 300 seat auditorium contained within a dense dark concrete cube with rehearsal rooms above. Foyers are linked between the new and the old building, providing a new entrance and focal point for the entire theatre complex.

Alan Stanton, Stanton Williams Architects
Rick Mather, Rick Mather Architects

Produced in collaboration with the Concrete Centre.