Concrete Elegance: Low Energy Office Architecture


Loughborough Design School, Loughborough
Nicholas Burwell, Burwell Deakins Architects

This innovative building provides 7920m2 of state-of-the-art facilities that allows a broad spectrum of design disciplines to collaborate within an open and transparent environment, with Workshops, Laboratories, Studios, Learning and Lecture Space available for teaching and research. Externally, the concrete frame elements are expressed in combination with glass curtain walling and rain screen panels. Internally, the concrete frame is left exposed, creating high thermal mass that helps to naturally regulate the building’s internal temperatures. The exposed concrete in the interior of the design school is complemented by a palette of oak veneer acoustic panelling, white walls and bold coloured flooring and signage

Wakefield One, Wakefield
Peter Cartwright, Cartwright Pickard Architects

Wakefield One is the new civic offices for Wakefield Metropolitan District Council. It houses a diverse programme of uses including museum, café, library and offices arranged around a central atrium. The plan form achieves an efficient wall to floor ratio while the net to gross is enhanced by the use of only two stair cores. Efficient and compact cores allow a high degree of flexibility for floor layouts and an optimum depth for displacement ventilation and environmental cooling. The central atrium acts as a hub for circulation and social interaction and assists in natural lighting and ventilation for the building. The key design principles of robustness, longevity, economic and environmental responsibility influenced the decision to use concrete for the building structure.

Chaired by David Bennett.
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