Concrete Elegance - Exploring Light and Spatial Creativity


Speakers: Fermín Vázquez, b720 Arquitectos, Spain
Niall McLauglin, Niall McLauglin Architects

Gran Casino, Girona, Spain
Speaker: Fermín Vázquez

The building emerges from the site topography, integrating the building three split levels with the surrounding landscape. The first level is the access road, defined by a large canopy which acts as an illumination system and video screen. The ground floor, built in highly reflective dark wood, captures and reflects the animated colours of the screen. The second level, which doubles as a theatre, conference centre and concert hall is not heated, and is open to the outside and separated by a sculptural lattice façade. Tilted planes of the black pigmented concrete façade, has a surface texture imprinted from tongue and grooved softwood timber slats. The building is capped by a green roof, which softens the visual impact and allows the collection of rain water for irrigating the new garden.

Bishop Edward King Chapel, Cuddesdon
Speaker: Niall McLauglin

The chapel encapsulates two architectural images: the first, is of people gathered together around a hollow in the ground, the still point of origin; the second, is that of a buoyant, tethered boat that rises to the tree tops to gather light from the leaves. It is this dual motion of cleaving to the earth and being lifted that we would like the building to communicate. The woven circular clipsham stonework and slender stone mullions of the exterior structure, cloaks the delicate umbrella of soaring white timbers within the chapel. The floor of the chapel cast in a pale grey insitu concrete, acts as the bedrock of this uplifting, light-filled, spiritual sanctuary.

Gran Casino, Girona, Spain - Fermín Vázquez from The Building Centre on Vimeo.

Bishop Edward King Chapel - Niall McLauglin from The Building Centre on Vimeo.