Concrete Elegance: <br>5th Anniversary Lecture - David Chipperfield Projects


Campus Audiovisual and City of Justice, Barcelona
Jochen Glemser, David Chipperfield Architects

Continuing the story of the two completed buildings which have already featured in the series during construction: The Campus Audiovisual building features sculptural forms that have been carved out of the project boundaries with coloured, glass fibre reinforced concrete panels arranged with a precision and sculptural quality appropriate to both the climate and craft traditions of Barcelona. The City of Justice is conceived as formally restrained blocks with cast in-situ load bearing coloured concrete ‘cage’ facades. Each building has a different and contrasting, although muted, colour tone.

The Hepworth Wakefield
Nick Hill, David Chipperfield Architects

Nick Hill will discuss The Hepworth, which is the relocation and expansion of the city´s existing art gallery. The form of the gallery is a conglomeration of differently sized trapezoidal blocks, responding to the scale and rooflines of the surrounding small scale industrial buildings. The gallery walls and roof are constructed of in-situ pigmented concrete which lends the building a monolithic sculptured appearance with a strong material presence.

Concrete Elegance is hosted by David Bennett and is produced by the Concrete Centre in association with The Building Centre.

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