Concrete Elegance: A Confection Of Concrete

Steve Smith, Allford Hall Monaghan Morris
Jon Akers Coyle, Gillespies

The Angel Building, London.
Speaker: Steve Smith, Allford Hall Monaghan Morris.
The atrium space is at the core of the newly refurbished Angel Building; it acts as a central hub for workers and visitors to access the reception desk, lift cores, retail spaces and concierge desk. The atrium space is 12 metres wide, 16 metres long and 5 floors high and has an ETFE foil roof, allowing natural light to flood the space, and into the offices beyond. The architecture within the atrium is designed to emphasise the height and size of the space, the exposed smooth, monolithic concrete structure, the double height bays; drawing the eye up towards the lightweight roof construction.

Redcliff Street Plaza, Bristol.
Speaker: Jon Akers Coyle, Gillespies.
Artistic collaboration is at the heart of this public space. It is integral to the substance and structure of the plaza. The nature and expression of the 'plinths' of stone has been developed using a technique of layering coloured concrete to create a ‘strata’ effect that is exposed through the vertical faces.

The slanting forms of the plinths appear as if pushing through the paved ‘crust’ of the sloping plaza, working together to form a field of scattered blocks across the south western corner of the site. The blocks tilt toward and apart from each other, creating interesting spatial relationships.

Free to attend.

Concrete Elegance is produced by The Building Centre and The Concrete Centre, and is hosted by David Bennett.