City Conversations: water water everywhere


Despite being the most basic of human needs, water is probably among the most dynamic components of urban infrastructure. We only really appreciate its impact when things go wrong: and when things go wrong they often go disastrously wrong. Climate change and population growth mean that the risk of disruption to cities must be iteratively remeasured and acted upon; it is not sufficient to wait and respond.

In this conversation experts in water, flooding and green infrastructure management will discuss the twin threats that the dynamic changes will bring: both too much and too little water. Have we forgotten the importance of limiting consumption as well as increasing supply? How do we make this an integral element of city planning? How do we translate the language of risk and response into creative planning? And what improvements should we make to the way we respond when major incidents cannot be avoided?

Speakers include:

- Alan Travers, director at Buro Happold Engineering (chair)

- Gavin Lewis, commercial director at ImageCat

- Anna Bruni, senior engineer at Capita seconded to the Environment Agency

- Roger Falconer, professor of water management at Cardiff University

- Gary Grant, director of Green Infrastructure Consultancy

City Conversations is a series of discussions around the issues that are changing our cities - growth, technology, resource efficiency and climate change. The conversations will address not only the new and changing infrastructure of cities but also how these are brought about and their impact on the lifestyle and wellbeing of citizens. The conversations are produced by BuroHappold Engineering with ngenuity Ltd in partnership with The Built Environment Trust.

This event is free to attend but booking is essential.

Registration will start from 6.00pm and the event will begin at 6.30pm.