City Conversations – Segregation and Safety


Only a small percentage of journeys in UK cities are undertaken by bicycle. This compares poorly with, for example, Copenhagen where 40+ per cent of the population regularly commute or go to school by bike. Key to this success is a sense of security which in turn relies on a number of factors – principally good transport planning.

If you provide more space devoted to cycling then cycling will increase to fill that space. But should this space be segregated? Or is a smart-enabled shared space the future of city transport? Perhaps commuter cycling culture also needs to be addressed. For a true change, a much broader cross section of the public need to be persuaded to adopt the bicycle as a regular form of transport.

This conversation will discuss what we can do with limited transport space to make more sustainable forms of transport safer.

Participants include:

– Brian Deegan, design engineer at Urban Movement

– Olivia Walker, head of city development at Bosch UK

– Phil Jones, city planner and movement specialist 

– Amanda Gregor, urban designer at Witteveen+Bos UK Ltd

Chair: Andy Murdoch, director, cities at BuroHappold Engineering

Registration will be from 6.00pm and the talk will start at 6.30pm.

The event is free but booking is essential. Your information may be shared with our event partner The Happold Foundation for the purposes of running the event. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information on how we process your data. 



City Conversations is a series of informative thought-leadership discussions around the big issues that are changing our cities – growth, technology, resource efficiency and climate change. The conversations address not only the new and changing infrastructure of cities but also how these are brought about and their impact on the lifestyle and wellbeing of citizens. They are produced by The Happold Foundation and ngenuity with support from The Built Environment Trust.