Canopies & Canapes


Armstrong Ceilings are showcasing their Canopy range and Metal systems, and invite all Architects and Designers, to a Champagne reception on November 18th from 11am to 4.30pm in the Launch Pad Gallery, which will also incorporate the launch of the new OPTIMA canopy. The idea of the showcase is to give Architects an opportunity to see installed Canopies and systems, showing the different materials, shapes and sizes whilst highlighting how tackling acoustics in this way allows the Architect to express their creativity.

Armstrong Canopies offer individual space which improves well-being, acoustics and visual comfort in personal working spaces and collective areas such as reception halls, waiting areas and corridors. With a desire for larger spaces becoming a dominant trend across Europe, flexibility, simplicity and functionality is at the forefront of ceiling design. Armstrong architectural designs protect the environment and embrace technology: recycled materials, reuse of architectural elements, good light reflectance and acoustics. All this is reflected in the RIBA accredited Environmental CPD taking place in Conference room B at 1.30pm at The Building Centre.

For details on the events please visit , if you should like to come along on November 18th please send an email with your name and practice to to register.